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Talking the Talk on Susan Scher’s “In Other Words” Internet Talk Radio


It was a pleasure being Susan Scher’s guest on her radio program, In Other Words, on March 4th. Although much of her audience listens to her show as a podcast, the show was broadcast live at 10 am and, if you listen in, you will know it had much of the excitement of a live broadcast.

To listen to the broadcast CLICK HERE. You can also download an mp3 of the show to your computer or iphone. Look for the cloud icon at the top right corner of the WEBSITE inotherwords

We discussed my novel Deadball, A Metaphysical Baseball Novel, as well as Baltimore baseball history, and the lost ballparks of  baseball.

I am looking forward to being her guest later this month on Radio One – on Friday March 27th – along with Orioles Historian and Author, Ted Patterson. More details to follow.

Deadball Confirmed As Beach-Reading Worthy

Yesterday, Pete Kerzel of the Mid Atlantic Sports Network (known as MASN for those of you in the D.C./Baltimore area) posted a “Flashback” story on MASN’s “Orioles Buzz” page about the 1890’s World Champion Baltimore Orioles and included with it a favorable review and recommendation of my book Deadball.  In his article, Mr. Kerzel notes that he read Deadball while on vacation in Ocean City, Maryland – the rooftop pool at Captiva Bay on 85th Street, to be exact. I have to admit that while at the beach myself last week (further south in Tybee Island, Georgia), I looked to see what those around me were reading. Although I didn’t actually expect to see someone reading my book, it didn’t stop me from looking.

Many thanks to Mr. Kerzel, not only for his excellent article on the old Orioles and his kind review and  recommendation of Deadball, but also for confirming that Deadball is beach-reading worthy!

Here’s a link to Mr. Kerzel’s MASN Article.

My Interview With Brett Hollander WBAL Radio

WBAL's Brett Hollander

My interview with Brett Hollander on WBAL radio was broadcast before the Orioles/Angels game a week ago Saturday.  Mr. Hollander is the host of WBAL’s Sportsline, which is broadcast weeknights from 6 to 9 pm on 1090 AM.  Brett also runs feature stories during the weekend before Orioles games, which is when my interview originally aired. The interview aired a second time during one of  his shows last week.

We covered a lot of ground – talking about Deadball, how I came up with story line for the novel, the history of baseball in Baltimore, the World Champion National League Orioles of the 1890s, and many of the famous lost Baltimore Ballparks such as Union Park, old Orioles Park (American League Park), and Memorial Stadium.

In case you missed it, here’s the link to the interview posted on

My Interview With WBAL’s Brett Hollander

Man am I a fast talker!

Thanks for the opportunity, Brett!

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