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A Day Of Discovery, A Night At The Suns

On Saturday, August 4th I spent the day and night in Hagerstown, Maryland, as part of my continuing mission to get the word out about Deadball, A Metaphysical Baseball Novel. During the day, I had a table at the Discovery Station, an interactive children’s museum in downtown Hagerstown. Marie Byers, the mastermind behind the Hagerstown landmark, invited me to sell books at the grand opening of  the museum’s new exhibit “Take Me Out To The Ballgame . . . More Than Just A Game.”

The Mayor of Hagerstown, Surrounded By Local Luminaries,Cuts The Ribbon

Attending the event was former major leaguer and Hagerstown native Leo Burke. Burke played for several teams during his several years  in the majors, including the Baltimore Orioles, the California Angels, and the Chicago Cubs.

Calvin Stinson and Former Major Leaguer Leo Burke

Also attending from the world of baseball were two current Hagerstown Suns pitchers Brian Rauh and Ben Hawkins, both of whom commented on how early it  was to be in uniform (10 am) following the night game they played the previous evening.

Ben Hawkins, Calvin Stinson,and Brian Rauh

Hagerstown Herald-Mail reporter Alicia Notarianni covered the event and filed this story Herald-Mail Discovery Station Article (in which she generously mentions by book).

Included at the museum on the first floor is an exhibit of Hagerstown Suns memorabilia on loan from Hagerstown resident Sean Guy, which includes an autographed jersey, fielder’s glove and cleats, once belonging to Bryce Harper.

Waiting For Customers In Front Of The Discovery Station's Bryce Harper Exhibit

That evening, the Suns game was the place to be in Hagerstown as the team was giving out Bryce Harper garden gnomes to the first 1000 gfans through the gnate. The line to enter the stadium snaked its way through the parking lot at the time  the gates opened at 6:05 pm. If only they had been lining up to meet yours truly.

Suns Fans Line Up To Enter The Stadium For Bryce Harper Garden Gnome

Many thanks to the Suns fans who stopped by my table during the game to talk baseball and Deadball. Thanks also to Suns’ concessionaire extraordinaire Tyler Breeze who, after selling me one of his signature cheesy pretzels, came out to my table during his break and bought a copy of Deadball. As the game was winding down I could see him across the concourse already engaged in the first few pages of Deadball.

Hagerstown Suns' Concessionaire Tyler Breeze Filling The Time Between Customers By Reading His Just-Purchased Copy Of Deadball

Tyler – I hope you enjoyed the story of Byron Bennett.

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