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Post-Holiday Season Deadball Kindle Sales Picking Up

And now it’s time for another installment of “Blowing My Own Horn.”

As part of my compulsive checking of top 10 lists, I noticed this afternoon (January 6th at 5:00 pm) that Deadball currently resides at Number 18 on’s list of “Top Sellers in Baseball” for Kindle.  For posterity, here’s a screen grab as proof:'s Top Sellers in Baseball - Kindle.

Okay, that’s enough applause for now.  Everyone please take your seats.


Deadball Surges to No 1 on Amazon Kindle “Hot New Releases” in Baseball

They say “you’re only as big as your last hit.”  Well, as of 2:15 p.m. on December 21st, Deadball, A Metaphysical Baseball Novel is ranked No. 1 on the Kindle “Hot New Releases” for Baseball:

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, these lists are updated hourly so who knows how long Deadball will remain at No. 1.   But at least I’ve got the screen grab to prove where Deadball, and I, have been.


Deadball – An Amazon Top 10 “Hot New Release In Sports Fiction”

As a kid, my brother and I used to listen to Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 Sunday mornings on WPGC.  Whether we heard the entire broadcast depended upon if our parents dragged us to the 8:00 mass, insuring that we were home in time for the 10:00 start time.   Somewhere in my house are cassette tape copies of shows I recorded by placing a Radio Shack microphone next to the speaker of my Motorola AM/FM radio.  Included among those tapes, undoubtedly, is the four-week stretch that Tony Orlando and Dawn’s Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree topped the charts in 1973. My brother and I  kept waiting week after week for that song to be dethroned, unappreciative, as we were at the time, of that song’s brilliance.

Since then, I have had a thing for lists, whether they be ranking the top ten presidents of the United States or to the top 10 portable dehumidifiers (thank you Consumer Reports).  So imagine my surprise when I learned today that after just one week in publication, Deadball was ranked (as of 12/1/11 at 4:00 pm EST) number 10 on’s list of “Hot New Releases In Sports Fiction.”  Not sure how that happened, but I’ll take it.

The Screen Grab Goes To 11, But Deadball Is No. 10

It’s far too early to say where making this list ultimately will rank in my “Top 100 Deadball Moments,” but early indications suggest it is shooting up the charts, with a bullet.