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Baltimore Book Festival Revisited

Baltimore Book Festival Authors Steve Bradshaw, David Stinson, and Pavarti Tyler

Thanks to those who stopped by the Baltimore Book Festival’s Authors Tent on Friday September 27th. I certainly enjoyed the opportunity to talk Deadball and baseball with you. I was fortunate also to have two outstanding table mates on either side of me who helped make the day both enjoyable and  memorable. Memphis author Steve Bradshaw brought with him copies of his books Bluff City Butcher and The Skies Roared (the first two in a trilogy), and word on the street is he pretty much sold out all his copies by the end of Saturday. Local Baltimore writer Pavarti Tyler was there selling copies of her books Two Moons of Sera – Omnibus,  Shadow on the Wall, and White Chalk (with free lollipops seemingly torn from the cover of the book). For Pav, a self-described “cross genre” author, the festival was a family affair, with her husband and two effervescent daughters helping to drive away the mid afternoon doldrums.

Me and the Berenstain Bears, the Berenstain Bears!

The festival was also a time for me to meet and mingle with some of our country’s most notable literary characters. Readers of my blog already may be aware of my encounter with Captain Underpants at a Frederick Keys Game two years ago.

Once again, I jumped at the chance to pose for pictures with the festival’s roving literary icons. Berenstain Bears Ma and Pa were there, although given how talkative they are in their books, I was surprised how quiet they were when I met them. No “gosh darn this” or “gosh darn that.” In fact, they just nodded and used their hands to communicate, no words at all.

Me and a Rather Subdued Wild Thing

The same was true for Wild Thing. He was anything but wild. No wild rumpus, nothing. Maybe it was just too early for him, or maybe he needed Max to get him going. I also had a chance to “meet” Curious George (no sign of the man in the yellow hat). He too seemed quite calm, not the least bit curious or mischievous. I’ll spare you the picture of me and the monkey.

Meeting BBF Man - A Highlight of the Festival





I also had a pleasant encounter with BBF Man, who did use words to communicate and seemed genuinely delighted to check out a copy of my book Deadball. I’ll spare you the picture of me and the man in tights as well.