New Cathedral Cemetery and the Four Hall of Fame Baltimore Orioles

Less than five miles west of Orioles Park at Camden Yards on Route 40 is New Cathedral Cemetery.  The cemetery holds the distinction of being the final resting place of four Baseball Hall of Famers.   In Chapter 20 of  Deadball, Byron Bennett visits New Cathedral in search of the ghosts of the former players, all of which were once members of the 1890’s world champion National League Baltimore Orioles.

Entrance to New Cathedral Cemetery, Baltimore

As you enter the cemetery, there is to the left a white, clapboard building that houses the cemetery’s office.  Available inside is a 8″ by 14″ handout entitled “Baseball Hall of Famers” which includes a map of the cemetery. The map’s legend includes symbols identifying the final resting place of each Hall of Famer.

McGraw - Van Lill Mausoleum

McGraw – Van Lill Mausoleum

The final resting place of former Orioles’ third-baseman John McGraw “ is located in Lot 197, Section L.”

Entrance to McGraw - Lill Mausoleum

Entrance to McGraw – Lill Mausoleum

McGraw is entombed in a stately granite mausoleum with an oxidized, green copper roof.  “J.J. McGraw” is carved into the granite above the front door along with “S. J. Van Lill, Jr.,” whose family shares the space with McGraw and his wife, Blanche. Mrs. S. J. Lill and Mrs. McGraw were sisters.

John McGraw Inscription Above Mausoleum Door, New Cathedral Cemetery

Just over the hill behind McGraw’s mausoleum is the grave site of Joe Kelley, former right fielder for the Orioles.  A set of marble stairs at the base of a small hill leads to Kelly’s grave.

Stairway Leading To Internment Site of Joe Kelly, New Cathedral Cemetery

Kelley is  buried alongside his wife and son.

Joseph J. Kelly, Hall of Fame Baltimore Oriole, New Cathedral Cemetery

Ned Hanlon, the Orioles’ former manager, is interred just a short walking distance from Kelly’s grave.

Ned Hanlon Family Plot, New Cathedral Cemetery

Hanlon’s wife is buried alongside Foxy Ned.

Edward Hanlon, Hall of Fame Baltimore Oriole, New Cathedral Cemetery

A matching block of granite honors the memory of Hanlon’s son: “Joseph Thomas Hanlon, Born March 3, 1893, Died July 31, 1918, Killed In Action, Buried At Thiaucourt, France.”

Joseph Hanlon, son of Ned Hanlon, New Cathedral Cemetery

The grave site of Wilbert Robinson, former Orioles catcher, and his wife, is situated in the northeast section on the opposite side of the cemetery.

Wilbert Robinson Family Plot, New Cathedral Cemetery

A large chunk of black granite is missing from the corner of Robinson’s headstone.

Wilbert Robinson, Hall of Fame Baltimore Oriole, New Cathedral Cemetery

New Cathedral Cemetery is just one of the many examples of Baltimore’s rich baseball history.  Given its close proximity to Camden Yards, the cemetery certainly is worth a stop for any true Orioles fan.

11 Responses to 'New Cathedral Cemetery and the Four Hall of Fame Baltimore Orioles'

  1. Mark Tharle says:

    Had no idea about Baseball Hall of Famers resting place. I have been to New Catherdal Cemetary a 100 times, my mom,dad,grandmother, and uncle all rest there. Great information, Thanks (Mark/I sit in front of you during O’s Sunday games)

    • David Stinson says:

      Hello Mark
      The front office at New Cathedral has maps showing where the four Hall of Famers are interred, in case you are interested next time you visit. There is no other cemetery in the country that has this many Hall of Famers. Go O’s! DBS

  2. Kathhleen Kolbe Woppman says:

    such a beautiful resting place My beloved grandmother is at rest thereonly wish we could go there more often I went to st Josephs monastery school so many beautiful memories I loved every moment we could get near the cemetery & church it will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart Lillian Mercier was laid to rest in April 1961

  3. Dave Howell says:

    In addition to the four HOF Orioles buried there, the late sportswriter John Steadman is buried there in the same row as Joe Kelley. Also, Kelley’s father-in-law, John “Sonny” Mahon is also buried nearby. Besides being Kelley’s father-in-law, Mahon was also president of and heavy investor in the 1902 Orioles until the break-up of the team when McGraw left for New York.

  4. Mary D. says:

    I was not aware that these HOF Orioles were buried here. Interesting Mr. Steadman also. Lifelong Orioles/Baltimore Colts Fan. Thank you for the information!

  5. Jim Montenieri says:

    Went last June & saw the final resting places of McGraw & Uncle Robbie. Couldn’t find Kelley and didn’t know (shame on me) that Hanlon is interred there as well. Will be in Balty 6/6-8 see see games at Camden and will go back to cemetery. Plus I ordered your book today. I’m attempting my own (first) book, on the deadball era as well

    • David Stinson says:

      Hello Jim

      Thanks for the post. The front office of Cathedral Cemetery has a map showing the location of all four HOFers. Kelley and Hanlon are located fairly close together. When you do find Kelley, note that about 5 markers away is the final resting place of John Steadman, longtime sports writer for the Baltimore Sun.

      Thanks for purchasing my book. I hope you enjoy it. I have a whole chapter in my novel dedicated to New Cathedral. Let me know if I can be of any help as you write your book on the deadball era. DBS

  6. Michael Anderson says:

    Concerning the sharing of John McGraw’s mausoleum, Steven Van Lill, of the Van Lill Preserving Company of Baltimore, was married to the sister of John MGraw’s wife and was a friend of John McGraw.

    • David Stinson says:

      Hello Michael

      Thank you so very much for answering a question that I have had about the mausoleum ever since I first visited the site several years ago. Great to know. And thanks again.


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