The Big Glossy – Bethesda Magazine (May/June 2012)

In this world of internet blogs and facebook news feeds that fade “below the fold” within 15 minutes after posting, there’s something comfortable and reassuring about holding in your hand and reading old school media such as the thick, glossy magazine.  One such periodical,  Bethesda Magazine, covers the suburbs of Washington, D.C., north of the city and its latest edition (May/June 2012) includes a “Book Report” about my novel Deadball in Maria Leonard Olsen’s column “People Watcher.”

Ms. Olsen writes:  “Silver Spring resident and lifelong baseball fan David Stinson (Churchill ’78) retired from the law five year ago to write and be an at-home father.  Now he has come out with his first book, Deadball: A Metaphysical Baseball Novel (Huntington Park Publications, 2011).  Stinson often takes baseball road trips during the summer and searches out where some of the older parks once stood.  ‘That pursuit is really what inspired the Deadball storyline,’ he says.  ‘Although the story initially centered on old ballparks, eventually the focus shifts to what it is like  to be a person who sees and believes things most people don’t.’  Stinson blogs under his lead character’s name at”

Many thanks to Ms. Olsen and Bethesda Magazine for the nice write-up that you can actually hold in your hands.  If you’re standing in the check out line at the grocery store, the Book Report appears on page 52.

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